segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2009

june 13th

Happy Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning Waving to Paparazzi

Kristen Gets Pumped Up

Stage Mom

The lovely Kristen Stewart filled up her tank

before heading to rehearsal for The Runaways today.
Her mullet is starting to grow on us, as in... we don't hate it.

  Pretty soon all of LA will be rockin' the business in the

front, party in the back.
That would be a sight.




More Pattinson... Because We Can't Get Enough

1:40 PM

Not gonna lie, dear readers.  Even though we already

posted some Rob Pattinson today, we're

putting up more.  Extra doses of Pattinson is

good for your health.  Trust.

It's Patz-fest 2009 in New York City right now.  He's

in the big apple filming Remember Me.
We miss him here on the west coast, but the huge

(...and growing!) gallery of Robert is sure to tide us


Stage Mom



Good Morning, Robert Pattinson!

9:02 AM

Because BG loves you all so much, here are some early-

morning pics of Robert Pattinson filming a

scene for Remember Me in New York.
Now we all can see just how delicious R-Patz looks

even in the very early AM...
You're welcome!

Dishin' the Dirt





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